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    Probably the cutest thing ever

    guys can we just remember how freaking cute this is

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    Mongolia March 2011

    Kazakhs eagle hunting

    Photograph: Jimmy Nelson http://www.beforethey.com/tribe/kazakh

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    lookin good and feelin fine


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    Anti-Joke Thor & So-Done-With-This-Shit Tony

    I don’t think anyone here understands how much I love hero. 

    I NEVER love the good ones or the brawny ones. 

    But I fucking love Thor. 

    Because he is so fucking EARNEST. 


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    Extreme Close-up Photography of Snow Flakes by ChaoticMind75

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    Here’s my realistic Pokémon interpretations so far! They started off as detailed sketches/quick drawings but I think I’m just going to call them interpretations now! They depict my three favourite Pokémon per type, excluding legendaries, Gen 6 Pokémon and Fairy type.

    Favourite Dragon Types: Flygon | Haxorus | Garchomp

    Favourite Ghost Types: Gengar | Sableye | Banette

    Favourite Fire Types: Houndoom | Arcanine | (Soon-to-be Charizard)

    Which type should I do next?

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